Launched in June 2011, the Smart Traveler App is the official State Department app for U.S. travelers abroad, and is a must-have tool for anyone traveling overseas. Here are five reasons to Download the Department of State Smart Traveler App before you leave for your next trip abroad.

From Miss Manners in Seat 2A

As millions of people prepare to travel over the next few weeks of the holiday season, the highest levels in about seven years (AAA Travel and IHS Global Insight), it's time to go over our manners. We've all heard the stories of passenger shaming, reclining-seat rage and overall bad manners from airline passengers who must feel like they are in the comfort of their own homes, assuming they have 250 people in the living room. On this, a travel blog, I realize we are well aware of the basics when traveling. However, I feel compelled to note a few airline etiquette tips, from reclining seats to personal hygiene, if only for you to share with "infrequent flyers".

Anyone who has ever traveled with a baby or a toddler knows that it can be a daunting experience. From lugging baby gear around the airport to trying your best to soothe a crying baby in flight, traveling with tiny tots requires stamina and unwavering patience. During the holidays - when airports are packed and wintery road conditions not always the best - parents need to do whatever they can to make it to their destination without pulling out their hair. Here are five items that promise to make travel with little ones a little bit easier.

Give the Gift of Food Nostalgia

As a foodie and frequent traveler, I often associate certain dishes with specific destinations. It's not uncommon for me to have a must-eat list when I travel, because some cities simply do things better, like cheesesteaks, pizza and barbecue. Still, there are foods I crave on a regular basis that I can't find decent versions of at home.

Holiday Magic, Disney Style

Looking for family-friendly ideas for the holidays? Disney has plenty of options from coast to coast! From Frozen's Anna and Elsa to Mickey, Disney has amazing holiday activities and events the whole family will love.

Three Fun Spots to Spend the Holidays

Where will you spend the holidays this year? At Aunt Betty's in Baltimore? Uncle Harold's in Harrisburg? Over the river and through the woods at Grandma's House? Why not create a new holiday tradition and travel to an altogether different destination? Here are three destinations that will get you in the spirit of Christmas from a new perspective.

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