Spring Break Travel Plans

March and April mean Spring Break for students and a great time for families to get away. Whether you stay close to home or plan an extensive trip, here are a few of my favorite spring break trips from years past, and what I've learned about traveling during the spring season.

Go "Wild" Before Your Next Hike

By Charyn Pfeuffer

By now, you've probably heard of Cheryl Strayed's New York Times bestselling memoir, Wild. Published in 2012, the book chronicles Strayed's 1,100 mile solo hiking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail as she tried to make peace with drug abuse, divorce and her mother's death.The book was made into a film; Reese Witherspoon gave a brilliant performance as Strayed.

We've all heard of "spring cleaning" which is a time to get rid of what you no longer need, declutter, change over our closets and get ready for longer days, more sunshine and more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. While spring-cleaning can be a great way to get your home in shape, it's a great time to get YOU to your healthiest and most fit too. Here are 7 areas that may need your attention after a long winter:

Stay, Play and Maybe Adopt a Dog

Imagine checking in for your next hotel stay and being greeted at the front desk by a four-legged friend. Now, imagine being able to adopt that dog and take it home. That's what one hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, is doing.

March Travel Madness Tips

I am mad at winter, mad at snow, angry about the ice that threatens to cause me to fall every time I leave my house.

Volunteer Opportunities That Help the Ocean

We all have causes that speak to us, the ones we choose to support. It's a big wide world out there, and there are many volunteer opportunities for do-gooders, from one day stints to multi-month commitments. 

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