Vacations just make us smile!

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I love to travel. I could hardly wait for vacation time to come around each year. The closer I got to retirement, the faster I wanted time to go so my dream of many vacations each year could take place.

I keep a journal of every vacation my husband and children have been on so we can re-visit each place over and over. And if we remember a special place, but just not quite sure where it was- All I have to do is get my journals out and it is quickly found.

I LOVE to share our experiences and many pictures with anyone who is interested.

Since my retirement 5 years ago, I have had some obstacles to overcome. Three years ago while planning a trip in the spring to Arizona, I found out I had breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, I have fully recovered and am a survivor. Thanks to my family, wonderful friends, and a strong deep connection to God, my life is even better and my husband and I are traveling even more and enjoying this beautiful country that God has made.

Wyndham has so many great places to visit. In this past year (2010) my husband and I have taken a total of 7 vacations and visited a total of 14 Wyndham resorts.

We do not know what the future holds, but by trusting God to provide, we plan to enjoy our family and each other as long as we have together. Wyndham has given us the ability to travel and appreciate those blessings God has given us and we are realizing just how rich we really are.

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