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From ancient ruins to turquoise shores, Olympic skiing to divine temples, Greece has all you could desire from a Greece holiday. The mild temperatures span from the cities to the islands, so no matter whether you want to escape, excite, or explore during your visit, Greece has a spot to suit your celebrations.

Where to Stay

Vacation Rentals in Greece

Grand Leoniki, Rethymno is located in the smallest and most sparsely inhabited city on the island of Crete. Grand Leoniki offers guests a chance to relax in the traditional luxury of Grecian design, and use the swimming pool, bars, restaurant, and other amenities. The city is the centre of Greece's folk art culture, especially weaving and embroidering in Anoyia, as well as ceramics in the small, picturesque village of Margarita.

Leoniki Residence, Crete is located in the Rethymnon suburb of Platanes, just a short walk from a mile-long stretch of sandy beach along the shores of Crete. The well-equipped apartments are designed around a spacious inner yard that includes a swimming pool and a sun terrace. Local artisans are skilled in weaving, embroidery and ceramics, making this area of the island of Crete a shopper's delight.

Village Heights Golf Resort, Crete - On the hillside above Hersonnissos, next to Greece's only PGA Golf Course, this resort is designed in a traditional Cretan village style. Onsite facilities include swimming pool, lit tennis court, mini golf course, library/lounge and restaurants. The island capital Heraklion is just 24 km away.

Anezina Village, Paros Cyclades is located in Drios Village on the south-eastern side of Paros Island. Apartments are built in the local style, and because of the resort's location, you'll be able to escape into a private and relaxed holiday. The resort offers a fully traditional environment, where you'll have access the cafe and snack bar available within the resort area. Enjoy the great beaches, characteristic windmills, ancient ruins, famed Parian wine and at sunset, the unique Aegean light.

Corfu Resdence, Corfu - The island of Corfu has become a perennial cosmopolitan tourist destination. Airy and luxurious, these rooms are amply decorated, and perfectly combine traditional Grecian style with modern, luxurious amenities. The city of Corfu, with its commercial, social and cultural centre provides a variety of amenities itself, including modern shops, cozy restaurants, local tavernas, nightlife and entertainment. Other activities include the Corfu Golf Club and the casino at the Old Palace Achillion.

Creta Residence, Crete is situated in the village of Platanias, 3km from the lively city of Rethymnon, Crete. Designed for grandeur and cooled by the island breeze, Creta Residence stands on the waterfront among lush palm trees. With its breathtaking view and relaxing atmosphere, it provides the best of leisure and entertainment.

Pilo Holiday Club, Magnisias - Set in the superb scenery of the mountain Pilio and overlooking the picturesque Milopotamos Bay, the resort benefits from the best that Pilio has to offer. The units are spacious and well furnished in traditional style, and the club's atmosphere is stunningly romantic.

Porto Rio Hotel, Patra- the beachfront resort of Porto Rio lies about 200km from Athens, via the spectacular Corinth canal. The resort offers spacious accommodations, an outdoor pool with an incredible view, and a casino. The nearby major town of Patras is a busy port with ferry services to Italy and the Ionion islands. Here too, you are within reach of the major archaeological sites of Olympia, Delphi, Sparta, Mycenae and Epidavros.

What to do in

Crete Day Tours - The island of Crete, with its stunning vistas and vivacious culture, offers much to see and do. Take a day tour of the city or a boat tour to nearby islands. With the mild winter weather, and attractive sun and surf, what could be a better escape?

Ski - Winter weather may be mild, but there's nowhere better for skiing than the country that's home to the Olympic games. Get your adrenaline pumping, because no matter where you choose to stay, there's a nearby ski resort with tons of different winter activities and options. Check online for a location near your resort!

See the Sights: Winter is the perfect time for a little sightseeing in Greece. With mild temperatures and minimal throngs of tourists, the sights will be stress-free and enjoyable--and without the crowds, you might just be able to snag some insight from the locals.

Fortezza - The most fascinating sight in Rethymnon, Fortezza is an ancient Venetian fortress built centuries ago. Its grand, intimidating walls hold historical treasures that are begging to be explored. Choose a tour online, and spend a day learning how the fortress protected citizens from various invaders, and catch a glimpse of the old Venetian life in Rethymnon.

Acropolis - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Athens' famed Acropolis is a must-see. Visit the gods themselves in the Parthenon, and check out the striking views from the top of the ruins. Snag a tour or explore on your own--tickets are available daily and are good for one week of spectacular sights!

Delphi - Conquer the world this winter. The capitol city of the ancient world, Delphi is said to have been the location where heaven and earth meet. And it certainly seems that way. The archaeological site is home to the Oracle, Sanctuary of Apollo, and an ancient village, and the modern city is perfect for shopping (a must).

Meteora is known for its mystical cluster of monasteries, seemingly suspended mid-air. Visit the Byzantine legend, and you might just be in for a holiday miracle! The area is also perfect for anyone interested in hiking or climbing the majestic rocks.

Travel Tips for

I can quite honestly go on and on about Greece and the do's and don'ts as I've been there almost every year of my life...therefore, I would love to provide any / all detail that I can, if it would help.

Tips for traveling to Greece:

Don't worry about the language - people there, about 90% of the retailers and travel guides are fluent in English

Peak religious events are also very interesting to go to Greece, if you are looking for something to do during the off-peak seasons:

Apokries is a large festival celebrated throughout Greece (mainly Athens) in January. Although not as risqué as Mardi Gras, people dress in costume and there is a large festival during that time period (after New Years)

Easter (Orthodox) falls depending on the old calendar. For instance, this year, it will be one week after the Catholic Easter holiday. To note, Easter also is a hugely celebrated holiday; therefore, an interesting time to learn about the culture.

Tourist Attractions - from cost efficiency, during peak most people travel to Greece and visit the Aegean Islands. Going to less "tourist" areas such as Ancient Korinth and visiting the country that you see over the Isthmus Canal both can save you money and you will get to experience both culture and the great weather.

Korinthia (has a beautiful coastal line and direct access to Olympia and Ancient Korinth

Small shore line cities give way to beautiful beaches and droves of hotels / eateries that you can ask for. The tourism in each city constantly makes updates yearly to attract "Athens" tourists.

Loutraki, a gorgeous island, not frequently known by Americans, but is accessible from almost any port / sailor for hire along these coastal cities. There are casinos, beautiful beaches, eateries and scenery. Again, an undiscovered wonder as far as the Greek Isles are concerned.

A train, the Proasthiako, makes these cities / coastal very accessible. Cost for round-trip is about 7 Euros and you can get the train directly from Athens Eleftherios International Airport

Transportation - Ferrys and Renting Bikes in Greece

The boarding process on ferries (fast or otherwise) is hectic - everyone tries to board at once...therefore, be patient and be calm - there is pushing / shoving involved.

If you rent a car, you can bring it with you on the ferry

Renting motor bikes / vespas is also an option but then you are taking your life into your own hands alongside dark roads along the cliffs with NO RAILINGS.

Emergencies - Doctors, Fire Department, etc - Be prepared...the emergency system over there is not as it is in the US. Fire departments are not 24 hours and so you need to be well versed that in the event of an emergency, that you KNOW where to get appropriate help.

Greek people are hospitable and very gracious people. Just a tidbit about their hospitality - they will try to feed you excessively.

And dinner does not mean sit down dinner - they have appetizers and small plates of food.

Greek people LOVE COFFEE...they drink it at all hours of the day and night.

People still smoke in Greece. Even if signs show "no smoking" you may see people continue to do so; monitoring this isn't always enforced.

Irene R.
Wyndham Hotel Group

While in Greece, take the opportunity to visit the small island of Ios. The island is very low-key with more donkeys than people! For a great afternoon refresher, purchase a fresh watermelon from the morning market, cut out a small 'plug hole' and fill with a bottle of Ouzo. Tether the watermelon at waters' edge--you'll be nearby sunbathing--and by 4 p.m., it will be 'Happy Hour!' Slice up the watermelon and ENJOY!!!

Karen E.
WorldMark by Wyndham

OPA! If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Greece I highly recommend it. The people in this country are so friendly; you'll love every minute you're there.

Absolute BEST place to get a gyro (FYI - if you really want to sound like a local, it is pronounced YEE-row): O Thanasis. I've had many gyros in my long and wise lifetime, but every time I go to Greece I make sure I go to only the best! Located just off the corner of Monastiraki Square.

Must Sees:

  1. The Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum - The Acropolis, located in Athens, rises 150 meters above sea level in Athens. The museum is located in the area of Makriyianni. 300 meters south of the Acropolis.
  2. Monastiraki - Flea market neighborhood located in the old town of Athens. This area has lots of fun shops and restaurants to walk around and explore.
  3. Plaka - The oldest section of Greece, another area to walk around. Save your souvenir shopping for the Plaka. This area is close to the Acropolis and stretches over 2 main streets, Kydatheneon and Adrianou.
  4. The Ancient Agora - located in the neighborhood of Thission. A staple in your travel itinerary if you go to Athens.
  5. Syntagma Square - the "hub" of Athens. At the top of Syntagma Square is the Parliament Building. Here you can see the tomb of the unknown solider and the changing of the guards. These guards are called Evzones and wear a traditional Greek uniform. At the bottom of the square is a McDonalds (you just cannot escape the golden arches), however this is a significant area. It used to be the meeting place for those traveling east and west.
  6. The Temple of Olympian Zeus - also known as the Olympieion and dedicated to the Greek God, Zeus. Located southeast of the Acropolis, construction begun in the 6th century BC but was not complete until the 2nd century AD; at that time it was the largest temple in Greece.
  7. The Parthenon - another staple in your travel itinerary. The Parthenon is a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. It is the classic symbol of Greece.
  8. The Olympic Stadium - The birthplace of the Olympics, bring your sneakers and run across the original stadium; it is a very cool experience.

My Top 3 Favorite Islands:

  1. Santorini- Ever see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Well it takes place in Santorini. This island is the mother of all, famous for it's white-washed village houses and ocean-blue rooftops. Best part about this island? You'll never see a sunset more beautiful than this one.
  2. Crete - The biggest Greek island, located on the Aegean Sea. Fun fact about this island: when anyone gets married they invite the entire island to the wedding.
  3. Paros - Paros is like a "diamond in the ruff". Most people skip over this island because its not known as a "touristy" place to visit. Go to Paros, it's charming, you will not be disappointed.
  4. No matter what island you travel to, the best part about them is that they are easily accessible by ferry. The "Dolphin Hellas" ferries are great; not too expensive and ride right on top of the water, so they're super fast. Best of all, you can't even tell you're on a boat.

Ally P.
Wyndham Rewards

I traveled to Greece about 10 years ago and had a wonderful time! The best tip I can give is to take a cruise! It was great being able to visit several of the Greek islands, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and Ephessos (Turkey). My trip began and ended in Athens, so a visit to the Acropolis was our first stop! I was traveling with 2 other female friends. We learned that sticking with the recommended tours was the best way to go. We ventured off on our own in one town and quickly realized that some local pubs frown on women going to bars alone! We had a good laugh with our waiters on the cruise later that night. In all, the history of Greece combined with the fun of a cruise could not be beat!

Jenny O.
Wyndham Hotel Group

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