I'm a Lazy Mom....

I'm a Lazy Mom....

The laundry's piled up.
The dishes are piled up.
The clutter is piled up.

What's a lazy mom to do? LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND AND GET AWAY!

Our family loves to travel. Whether it's by car, plane or sea, we love to hit the open road and discover family friendly places we all can enjoy together.

This last year we had the privilege to take our kids to Walt Disney World for the first time as a family. Along the way I shared the experience with my readers on I'm a Lazy Mom (www.imalazymom.com) and offered up great travel tips when traveling with kids.

Of course, The Lazy Dad and I also love to get away on our own too! Whether it's laying on a beach or strolling through a historic area, it's just fun being together and sharing with others our experience.

I love to blog, tweet, Facebook and even post YouTube videos on my blog with a touch of humor that engages my audience and, I like to think, inspires them to be better moms, dads, couples and families.

Whether we travel with the kids or not, I know I could offer a fun twist to Women On Their Way's vacation experiences with creative posts and my humorous approach to life!

Vote for me: The Lazy Mom!

I'm too lazy to keep up with my laundry and could use a vacation so I don't have to look at it anymore!

Stacey - The Lazy Mom

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