I'm Your Wyn-ing Travelista - Will Blog for Travel!

I'm Your Wyn-ing Travelista - Will Blog for Travel!

I can't help but call this kismet. I was grinning as soon as I saw the tweets by @wyndhamwomen and read the contest details. Already an active blogger, I started my website, geekettebits.com, two years ago so I could share the wealth of information out there that people sometimes don't even know exists. As an Army brat we moved every 3-4 years, living in Hawaii, Germany, Washington State, and Texas. From a young age I got to appreciate new cultures, enjoy new foods, and meet new people. Now a working professional, mother, and fiance I have not lost my lust for life, taste for travel, and good culinary adventures.

Already, I feel so passionately about what Wyndham Women stands for. As an Informational Technology professional [read GEEK], I love defying odds, breaking stereotypes, and helping other women be successful at whatever they want. I can blog from a business travel perspective with tips on what to pack, where to eat, and how to maximize the professional time with a little fun.

As the mother of an eight year old girl, winning the contest would also allow me help grow the next generation of Wyndham Women, instilling a desire to travel at an early age in her. Already we have visited our Nation's capitol, enjoyed a cruise to Cozumel, and snowboarded in Breckenridge; while enjoying great travel deals and fabulous food. Traveling with kids is different, something I can help other moms with!

Traveling isn't just about business or taking your kids to Disney. Sometimes it's a romantic escape, and I am excited to share my secrets for traveling with a loved one! Newly engaged [within the last week, actually] we have enjoyed weddings in Napa's wine country, San Antonio's festive Riverwalk, and much more. I can help readers understand the best anniversary deals and celebrating in style.

Women On Their Way: let me share with your readers the wealth of information and deals found on your own website and beyond. Let's travel the world together! Next stop: Bora Bora!! ;-)

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