Keeping Kids Happy on the Road

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By: Kim Orlando

Airfare is projected to increase substantially throughout 2013 yet gas prices are supposed to decrease. If that is true then I predict that 2013 will see record road trips - close to home, far away, in RVs, the family car and via buses. Here are some suggestions for to get the road trip started off right with kids:

  • Pack food and water. Give each child a budget to spend at the grocery on food for the ride. Include a junk food budget too (everyone gets to pick one junky food).
  • Load up the electronics. Make sure their electronics are loaded with a book, music and a couple of videos. Then tell them to turn them off -- for an hour every 3 hours.
  • Get cozy. Let each kid bring a pillow, stuffed animal or blanket to feel comfortable (and maybe prevent the seatbelt from irritating them too much).
  • Bring games. has fun conversation starters for kids, teens and grandparents. Better yet, have them create their own questions. Don't forget the license plate game, Spud, and one that we made up - funniest town names.
  • Give kids the map. Ask them to plot the route, choose an off the beaten path road to explore and to choose a town that might make a good stopping point.
  • Break it up. If you and your kids will be in the car longer than 9 hours, plan an overnight at a hotel with an indoor pool. It's a great place to burn off pent up energy.

What are some of your reccomendations?  Share on the Women on their Way Facebook page or tweet @WyndhamWomen.

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