Seven Tips for Planning an Awesome Girls Getaway

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By: Amy Bizzarri

Do you remember the last time you whirled away an entire day with your girlfriends? Without your kids in tow? It's time recharge, refresh, and get away from it all with your best gal pals. Here are seven tips for planning an unforgettable girlfriends getaway.

  1. Try your best to choose a destination that's equi-distant and easily connected for all. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a city that's also a major travel hub, so try to agree on a destination that is one connected flight away for all. Keep in mind everyone's budgets as well. Consider a staycation at a local hotel if you're looking to save a dime yet still get away from it all.
  2. Hold a pre-trip meeting and draw names from a hat to determine who brings what in terms of extras from home. Some extras that might be important to you and your pals: snacks, games, wine, chocolate...etc.
  3. Put one girlfriend in charge of one day's meals and excursions, including reservations, so no one is stuck with planning the whole trip. Create a master itinerary and email to everyone before the trip. That said, discuss as a group the activity level you're looking for on your getaway: some groups might be interested in lazing an entire trip away with drinks by the pool. Consider testing your limits as a group by trying something no of you has tried before, such as surf lessons, regional cooking lessons or tandem bike riding.
  4. Don't be offended if a pal needs to sneak away for some alone time, and don't feel bad if you find yourself seeking out a moment of alone time, too.
  5. Pamper yourselves with at least one spa treatment. Pedicures are especially fun and indulgent. If there is no spa onsite at your hotel, ask the hotel concierge to book a mobile spa service, available in most major cities.
  6. Arrange for a group portrait. Your hotel concierge can book a professional photographer.
  7. Dedicate at least one evening to discussing your hopes, dreams and goals as individuals. Anyone who complains or mentions their husband/partner/kids during this activity must put a dollar in a bowl dedicated to next year's getaway.

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