Wyndham Wisdom

6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

by Charyn Pfeuffer

Business travel can take its toll, especially when it requires making a hotel room your home away from home. Here's how six female professionals bring a bit of comfort and serenity to their on the road dwellings.

make your hotel feel like home"Have nightstand, will travel" is Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency's hotel mantra. "I take the things that are on top of my nightstand (like a picture frame, perfume bottle, or crossword puzzle book) wherever I go," says Blasevick.  "When I wake up, I've always got a little bit of home within reach - literally."

Travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider, Carolyn Paddock has spent thousands of nights in hotels. She brings a bit of home to her hotel stays by packing one outfit that's completely comfortable, like in the winter, a fluffy cashmere sweater with a pair of favorite jeans.

Malia Everette has been the Director Reality Tours for Global Exchange for nearly 15 years. "I am very ritualistic about what and how I pack and how I try to bring home to the place I am staying," says Everette. She always packs a few munchies, like her favorite coffee, tea, miso, protein bars, fair trade dark chocolate and Trader Joe's Chile lime cashews.

"When I travel, I start by connecting with the hotel's front desk person who checks me in," shares Kyle Young, CEO of Multi-TaskingWoman.com. "I make sure I've introduced myself, learned his or her name and at least one thing about them, ­ and share something about myself and/or why I'm in town." Young says this simple exchange is like making a new friend, which helps her feel instantly at home in any hotel.

As the owner of a travel business who escorts group tours, Deborah Mayer of Shop Around Tours Inc. spends a lot of nights in hotel rooms. Her favorite trick to feel comfortable is bringing her own pillowcase. "As a sleeper, I'm a pillow-hugger and I always sleep better with the feeling and scent of my own linens against my face during the night," says Mayer.

Marie Lotode Chandra, a frequent travelers and Founder of ViaHerWorld.com, a website geared toward female business travelers offers this tip: "It's nice also to listen to my own music in my hotel room. I always bring my iPod and enjoy hotels that have iPod docks."