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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

christmas for kidsParties aren't thrown just to celebrate birthdays, so this holiday season, why not don your Santa suit and come up with some great Christmas party ideas for kids? OK, you don't have to go as far as wearing a Santa suit, but this doesn't mean someone else can't. If you don't know how to throw a Christmas party or are just trying to figure out the best Christmas party games for kids, you've come to the right place. Here at Women on Their Way, we love the holidays just as much as we do traveling the globe, and with these Christmas party ideas stuffed in your satchel and especially the party planning space in your brain, you're sure to throw a holiday party to remember.

Some of our Christmas party ideas for kids include:

Welcome, Santa: Why take the kids to the mall when you can bring Santa to your doorstep? Ask a family member or friend if they will dress up as Santa and attend your party. Santa always attracts a crowd, and with several kids in attendance, chances are his lap and gift list will get plenty of use. You can even purchase small gifts ahead of time and have Santa pass them out. If inviting Santa isn't an option, you can put on a costume-themed party that requires all your guests to dress up in Christmas garb - think trees, life-size presents, elves, reindeer, etc.

Reindeer games: Christmastime puts everyone in a good mood, so why not entertain your party crowd with Christmas-themed games? Kids love games, and some of our favorites include the scavenger hunt-like Find the Christmas Star, where you hide the Christmas star somewhere in the house and ask teams to locate it. The first team to find it is awarded a prize. Another fun Christmas party game is Snowball Race, which again is a team event. This time, teams are asked to balance a Styrofoam ball (or even an egg for the more adventurous) on a spoon as they race from one end of the room to the other. The trick? Have team members wear oversized mittens.

Bake, frost, repeat: People of all ages love cupcakes, and if you throw a cupcake decorating party, chances are your guests (little ones in particular) will be entertained from start to finish. Cupcakes are pretty easy for kids to make, especially if you provide plenty of cake and frosting options, and decorations. To add some competition to the mix, you can hold a cupcake making or cupcake decorating contest where individuals or teams can be judged on everything from taste to appearance. Small gifts can be awarded to winners.

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